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9 reasons to entrust your marketing to a communication agency specializing in real estate

When a prospect asks you why they should entrust their real estate project to you, what do you answer them? Probably something like that: because you have the know-how and the experience to meet the needs of your customers and help them achieve their goal.

This is also, more or less, what a digital Marketing agency In Hyderabad would answer you if you asked it a suitable question. In both cases, it is a question of outsourcing your project by entrusting it to a service provider who has the necessary skills and experience.

Because these two qualities cannot be acquired by snapping your fingers. The fact that individuals today have access to a wealth of information about the real estate market, whether to sell or buy, and the methods used by professionals, does not mean that they are able to replace the real estate agent.

The same goes for you: the knowledge you have of marketing and its intricacies (especially by following our blog posts) does not make you, by default, a specialist in marketing strategy. Your chosen field is the transaction. That of a real estate communication agency is the deployment of marketing strategies allowing you to promote your know-how .

Still hesitating? Here are 9 good reasons to entrust your marketing to an agency specializing in real estate communication .

1. You benefit from the expertise of a digital real estate agency in terms of marketing and communication

Who said you absolutely need a digital real estate agency to take charge of your marketing? You might as well entrust your strategy to the first agency that comes (the one the neighbor launched from his garage). Or ask your little cousin to take care of it: he spends his day developing websites, so he must know how to do it!

Should we tell you that this is the wrong solution?

By first contacting a digital real estate agency specializing in this area, you make sure you are working with an interlocutor who knows the sector perfectly and who can respond more precisely to your needs and requests.

Two reasons for this:

  • Real estate communication agencies are often managed by veterans of the profession , who practiced for years before starting to provide advice to professionals (this is the case with Facilogi).
  • An agency works exclusively with professionals attached to the real estate sector , and therefore masters the needs of this very specific clientele. To each new interlocutor, she brings her own marketing knowledge from a wealth of experience acquired with previous clients.

Ask yourself the question another way: if you are planning to buy a performance television, which store will you enter? The local supermarket? Or a store specializing in high-tech products, where we will be able to provide you with very precise information and assist you in your purchase?

2. You benefit from a wide range of skills

You are a Hyderabad real estate agent, agency manager, network head or promoter. Your job is real estate. Your job is to get mandates signed and complete transactions.

So even if you are used to writing brochures and putting ads on your storefront, you might feel completely lost in the skills to manage a marketing strategy from start to finish . Very diverse skills: marketing and communication, of course, but also web development (to develop a site suitable for SEO and traffic acquisition), graphics, advertising, content writing, etc.

It's a whole new world that opens up to you, with issues that escape you and constraints that overwhelm you. Unlike this generation born with a smartphone in hand (the “Millennials”), you are not necessarily comfortable with the technologies that, more or less, are changing the way companies communicate and sell their services. Every time you find the answer to a question ("how do I develop a website?"), There is another one that pops up, even more complex ("does this website really meet my agency needs?" ). It is a bottomless pit. To believe that the slightest little digital lever wants your death!

No wonder that a large number of real estate professionals (refusing to approach a digital real estate agency, or not even knowing that such an agency exists) simply abandon the idea of ​​a presence in line. They will say they don't need it; but in reality, it will be mainly because they struggle to understand the ins and outs.

Understanding all this is precisely the job of a digital real estate agency . Why tear your hair out with every line of code, since you can work with people you do everyday?

3. You optimize the visibility of your brand

Visibility is the keystone of any marketing strategy.

A business that doesn't make itself visible to prospects won't be able to attract customers, sellers, or buyers. For lack of customers, there is no turnover. Without revenue, no business that holds up. This is even more true in the real estate sector, which experiences a significant contrast between the lack of digitalization of professionals and the taste of clients for web tools: every day, 1.6 million people consult websites dedicated to real estate! ( Source: Médiamétrie, 2016 figures .)

The work of a digital real estate agency consists first of all in optimizing the visibility of your brand on all acquisition channels , in particular digital. It activates the essential levers so that your prospects can find you on any medium and at any time, for example:

  • By propelling your web pages in the first places of search engine results (via natural referencing );
  • By creating quality paid ads to generate traffic quickly (via sponsored links);
  • By creating and running accounts on social networks to optimize your customer relationship  ;
  • Etc.

More visibility will bring you more visitors, therefore more customers! This is all the added value of a digital real estate agency.

4. You save time thanks to the support of a digital real estate agency

The advantage of a digital real estate agency is that it supports your digital strategy from end to end , in all its aspects. The result: you save precious time , since you don't need to take care of anything. And you can focus on the really important tasks - prospecting, customer relations, follow-up on mandates.

Let's take a concrete example: you are talking to a real estate inbound agency , that is to say an agency specializing in the deployment of inbound strategies (see on this subject the pillars of effective inbound marketing ). You entrust him with a precise mission, in relation to your commercial objectives, for example  doubling your volume of exclusive mandates over one year .

This agency then offers you a turnkey solution. She takes care of everything, molding herself to your needs and taking into account what already exists. You don't have any tools yet? It will put in place all the necessary supports and levers. Does your agency already have its website? She will start by doing the audit to check to what extent it meets your objectives, and determine areas for improvement to strengthen your business . Are you embarking on inbound? The needs related to the follow-up of prospects until the conversion phase being very time consuming, the intervention of an agency will be beneficial.

Whatever the specifications, you don't have to do anything. You just have to get to grips with the tools and understand how they work, so that you can be autonomous one day or another. Or, if you prefer to keep control of your strategy, you can ask Warangal real estate agency to take care of a particular aspect (say: the management of your professional blog and the analysis of the results) during that you take care of the rest.

5. You develop your local reputation

You know to what extent local notoriety is essential in the context of your real estate communication. After all, you are addressing a local clientele. Simply, it is not easy to set up a dedicated strategy, whether it is to formulate the right messages or to use the relevant tools to disseminate them effectively.

Your digital real estate agency knows exactly what to do, and is happy to focus its strategy on promoting your expertise at the local level , whether you are an independent real estate agency, a franchise agency (with your own issues). at the local level) or a network of agents (with the obligation to make yourself known on two levels: at the local level to attract prospects, and at the national level to capture the attention of future agents).

This essentially involves local SEO work and the optimization of your prospecting methods in the field. In one case, you will work on keywords in cohesion with the services offered and the cities concerned by these services. In the other, you will develop, in symbiosis with your agency, the essential supports for effective marketing, in particular through the creation of a logo and the establishment of an editorial charter.

6. You boost your conversion rates

Attracting traffic to a website and generating sales leads is very important as part of your marketing strategy. But these two goals are not sufficient on their own. This, because you can achieve records of visits to your website, and yet not sign any sales mandate ...

In fact, a communication agency chosen at random would undoubtedly be satisfied with a good result measured with generic indicators. It would tell you, with numbers to back it up, that your site has generated X volume of traffic and that your web pages are first on Google for X local requests. For this, it would rely on its experience with other companies in other sectors of activity (in the butcher's shop or in the sale of tires). These good points would perhaps give you satisfaction. But at the end of the day, if you can't convert those numbers into money orders , what's the point?

Your goal is not only to gain the maximum attention of prospects, but also (and above all) to transform as many contacts as possible into customers .

This, a digital real estate agency is well aware of it. She knows your specific issues. She knows that a visitor (digital or physical), once arrived safely, must be taken by the hand and led in the right direction - that of conversion. And she knows the methods that will get you there.

These are numerous:

  1. Offer quality content , adapted to the needs of your prospects;
  2. Write incentive call-to-action and consistent landing pages;
  3. Set up long-term follow-up of prospects;
  4. Etc.

7. You work hand in hand with a single point of contact

Another good reason to call on a digital real estate agency lies in the quality of service induced by working hand in hand with a single point of contact . This greatly facilitates communication and decision-making .

A marketing strategy is difficult enough to put in place. If, in addition, you have to deal with a host of professionals and technicians, and spend your time on the phone with each other to solve a thousand and one problems or give complex instructions, you might as well say that you did not go out. from the hostel ...

If you choose to do things on your own, you will need to find separate providers. But each of them will only be the custodian of a single task: the developer of your website will not be in the best position to optimize the natural referencing of your pages, or to play the role of community managers . And vice versa: these profiles will not be able to do the job of a developer or a specialist in paid acquisition.

By choosing a real estate communication agency that knows how to do everything, you have the advantage of dealing with a single point of contact. So to a team that meets your needs and your requests with one voice.

Communication is all the more effective. And the result closer to your expectations.

8. You speed up your real estate sales cycle

You are well placed to know that the sales cycle in real estate is long , longer than in any other field in B2C. This is not surprising, when we know that a project to buy or sell real estate is often that of a lifetime. You buy several televisions or cars in a lifetime, but rarely more than a home or two. So that the stages of the purchasing cycle are more extensive than elsewhere:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

However, it is possible to accelerate this sales cycle by entrusting your marketing strategy to an excellent pilot - a digital real estate agency that knows its business perfectly.

Because the processes are supported by a provider who has the relevant skills and tools, because you are supported from A to Z, you can shorten the sales cycle and reduce the time interval between awareness the signing of a sales or research mandate .

9. You keep control of your marketing budget

Finally, last but not least , the fact of working with a digital real estate agency allows you to keep full control of the budget devoted to marketing and communication actions .

Indeed, entrusting your strategy to an external service provider is the guarantee of being able to count on a team that is immediately operational and committed for a limited period of time. You don't need to train someone in-house or hire a marketing specialist for the occasion, therefore pay a dedicated salary, so that you know exactly, at all times, how much it is costing you. And you can end the agency's mission, without consequences, whenever you want, without having to part with a collaborator.

Last point: your agency helps you measure the performance of your campaigns , which allows you to calculate profitability , and to reorient your strategy at any time by focusing on the most relevant actions with regard to your budget.

Would you like to know more about what a real estate communication agency can do for you? The Facilogi team is at your service. Come talk to us about your marketing project!